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From time to time study group meeting are held, usually at the kind invitation of one of our members, on any genus or group that is suggested. The dates and venues are published in the bulletin. So far these have mostly been held in the UK, but some USA members have held similar events. Occasionally special meetings are held when a hall will be hired and a guest speaker invited, perhaps from outside the UK. We also like to hold an "Event" one every two years. The first in 1985 was a show and lecture in Sutton, (Surrey, UK), the second in 1987 was a three way event with the International Asclepiad Society and B.C.S.S. Bromley Branch, incorporating a show and lectures, at Orpington (Kent, UK). We are now holding regularly , bi-ennial events at Banstead in Surrey, UK.

Membership of the Mesemb Study Group is open to anyone. The cost for 2018 is £12 for UK, £15 for Europe, and £21 for airmail. To join contact Suzanne Mace:
eMail: msg@mesemb.org, send for a leaflet or use our secure on-line subscription form.
Telphone: (+44) 1444 4459151 (UK)
Fax: (+44) 1444 459151 (UK)
Address: Brenfield, Bolney Road, Ansty, West Sussex, RH17 5AW, UK
If you send a subscription by mail and learnt about us via the Internet please mention this to us.

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