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What is a Conophytum?:by Matt Opel
Advice on growing Conophytums, including Growth Cycle, Lighting, Temperatures, Watering and more. Also links to other resources including nurseries and societies.

Lithops, Conophytum and other Mesembs:Achim Hecktheuer
Excellent site listing many Conophytum, Lithops and other mesembs. Location maps, photos, and synonyms. Plants listed by family and genus.

Extensive Japanese site on Mesembs - particularly Conophytums
Some wonderful photos, but text in Japanese. A great 'browsing' site.

Lithops - an introduction
More photos and advice on growing Lithops. Also lists of nurseries and other sites of interest.

Little Sphaeroid Press
Mesemb and other publications.

Tom's Conophytum Site
Habitat photos, mainly of Conophytum.

Mesembryanthemaceae :Kurt Pott
Cultural and historical advice on the Aizoaceae, at genus level. Some photos of various species. A useful site.

The Biogeography of Lithops.
Paper on the habitat, evolution, natural history and distribution of Lithops.

Agave etc.
Really a general site, but some stunning photographs of Mesembs. Unfortunately this site is in Russian, but by hovering over the navigation buttons, you can read the URLs. I do have an English translation of the home page which I will append as soon as possible.

Saphesia Mesemb Site:by Lorenzo Stocco
Another foreign language site, this one is Italien, which at least is slightly easier to read than Russian! (Unless your Russian I guess.) Features Mesembs quite heavily.

A new site with some absolutely wonderful photographs of Conophytums, also Haworthias and some of Joyces marvellous drawings to boot! Also features advice on how to translate the site to foreign languages, and a discussion forum.

Keith Green's Scrapbook Lithops

Lithops Group - Yahoo: Yahoo group set up for lovers of all things Lithopine. You need to register to access the group, but a couple of hundred people have already done so.

Fabulous Lithops site, with a vast number of photographs. I have not checked but it looks like every Cole Numbered plant is illustrated. A German site with English translation pages. Plants also categorised by Flower size, Name, Cole Number, Name with Cole Number. Also available is a downloadable file containing all the Locality Data for Cole numbered plants.
Links to other sites, Lithops books and a list of cultivars complete this very comprehensive site for Lithops lovers.

Visit to Lithops sites in Namibia
By Tok Schoeman

Interactive Mesembs
Interactive Mesembs is a comprehensive illustrated nomenclatural database with added biogeographic information for the succulent plant family Mesembryanthemaceae.

Mesembs Yahoo Forum
Forum set up for Mesembophiles. Usual group of suspects already members, and a wealth of knowledge to be had.

Mesemb Photographs.
Just follow the links. I have NEVER seen photographs like these before. They are absolutely STUNNING!.
Spare some time to browse the whole site. This guy is a professional photographer, and is he good? Is he ever?
Here is the site's home page. Check out the Black and White photos of Cacti. Cool.

Vick Knight on Conophytums (45 minute video)

Frithia pulchra 'minor' 11k

Frithia pulchra "minor"